Who We Are

There's only one bank that can truly call itself Waterville's own – Kennebec Federal Savings.

Kennebec Federal Savings is the only bank to continually reinvest in the Waterville community for more than 80 years.  Both of our full-service locations are right here in Waterville.  Simply put, our home is here, just like yours.

What does our Waterville focus mean to you?  Our employees are involved in the community – just like you.  We support the businesses and organizations right here – where we live.   We'll keep your deposits working here, through loans and donations.  And you don't need to worry about your mortgage leaving our Waterville offices; you can walk in anytime with questions.

KFS will take the time to get to know you before we recommend a checking account, CD, Money Market or IRA.  Our Lenders will analyze your individual circumstances to be sure they are providing you the best possible options.  We're here to help you achieve your goals.


Kennebec Federal Savings was established in 1936 as a mutual (customer owned) financial institution.  Born in the middle of the Great Depression, Kennebec Federal Savings has withstood economic ups and downs, all the while doing what it was chartered to do, serving the housing and financial needs of the Waterville area.  Today, in this difficult economy, KFS is strong financially and has plenty of money to lend.

There's only one bank that can truly call itself Waterville's own.  The Bank’s board of directors and staff take great pride in being the only bank whose base of operations is right here in Waterville.  That means all decisions are made locally, all loans are serviced right here in Waterville, and you can stop by anytime to see any of the Bank staff, including the President.

Kennebec Federal Savings has continually reinvested in the Waterville community over the years.  Both of the Bank's full-service locations are right here in Waterville.  According to Allan Rancourt, President of KFS, "Our home is here, just like yours."

Kennebec Federal Savings began in 1936 in the Council Chambers at Waterville City Hall.  Later, the Bank moved into an office on Common Street, remaining there until 1975, when the bank moved to its current location at 70 Main Street.  In 1986, the bank doubled in size with the acquisition of the adjacent Dunham’s building. Over the past two years, KFS has updated the interior and Main Street exterior of their downtown office to provide customers more comfort and convenience.  

In 2007, KFS opened a second office at 11 Washington Street, just off Kennedy Memorial Drive.  After considering locations in other communities, KFS chose to expand its commitment right here in Waterville.  The Washington Street office provides drive-up conveniences, which could not be added at the downtown location.    Comfortable seating, coffee bars, and internet banking stations are available at both locations.