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Overdraft Protection

Sometimes mistakes happen. You miscalculate the balance in your checking account or you don’t have time to make a deposit to your account before you need the funds.

KFS offers overdraft protection plans to help you: 

  • Prevent overdraft fees or fees from payees for returned checks or late payments
  • Avoid the embarrassment of a returned check or declined transaction due to insufficient funds in your checking account.

Overdraft Reserve

Overdraft Reserve is an overdraft line of credit linked to your checking account.*  In the event your checking account is overdrawn, we’ll transfer funds from your Overdraft Reserve credit line and bill you for the amount borrowed, plus accrued interest.**

  • There is no enrollment fee or annual fee
  • Transfers are made in the exact amount needed to cover each overdraft. 

* Subject to credit approval.

**Contact a KFS Representative for complete details. 

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