Coming Soon!

Online Banking will be upgraded on August 21st

An enhanced Online Banking system will be introduced on Monday, August 21st around 3:00 pm.  The redesign was based on extensive user feedback and testing. It provides more efficient page layouts and faster access to the most important account information and tasks.  

     Updated Login

  • You will now enter your username and password on the same screen.  When you choose to log into Personal Online Banking, a new login page will open, where you will enter your username and password. 
  • Later this year, the login screen will be moved to the KFSAVINGS.COM home page.

     Simplified Home Page

  • The most commonly used functions all appear on the home screen. 
  • See your account balances, view recent transactions, make transfers or access bill payment all from the home screen.
  • Add or edit nicknames for your accounts, change the order they appear in the list, hide accounts you don't wasn't to see - all from the home page.

     Transaction History

  • Transaction history is now combined onto a single page/view, making it easier for you to track activity.

     Simplified and Improved Transfer Feature

  • You can now create express transfers and scheduled transfers from the same screen.
  • Previously scheduled transfers are visible on the same screen.

     Bill Pay Integration

  • Bill Pay no longer launches in a second browser window, providing a more convenient and secure experience.

     Responsive Design

  • Responsive design provides optimal viewing and navigation on a tablet, phone, desktop, or laptop, regardless of screen size, resolution, orientation.


  • Access E-Statements via the Documents link from any Account screen.
  • E-Statements will still appear in a new browser window.

     Help/User Guidance

  • Updated documentation provides detailed guidance and is available for quick reference anytime.
  • KFS E-Banking Support and Customer Service staff are happy to answer questions, and provide step-by-step assistance, whenever needed.